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300 (see videos on the YouTube channel

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300 is a 24 hour experimental video film in the making. It consists of a body of about 300 live performances. Each single performance lasts 300 seconds - five minutes. The performances included in 300 cover various and very different types of performance such as artistic, social, sculptural/iconographic, ethnological among others.

300 approaches the question "What is performance?" from the perspective of a performance artist. It confronts the massivly increasing use of the word "performance" for and within a parallely increasing number of contexts and areas of knowledge, information and life. "Performance" appears increasingly as a valid description of ones behaviour and acting in more and more areas and situations generally referred to as every day life – in other words that what commonly is realised as reality. Life is becoming a series of performances! But is actually everything performance? If so is that a fact to be welcomed – or to be fought? High times to have a specialist answering the question "What is performance?"!

since 2009

Rambo Revisionist
a performance series by Florian Feigl and Joern J. Burmester

Ten years ago: a bunch of students from Hamburg with small cutters in their hands are not afraid to die. A bearded prophet with warm eyes becomes the terror of the western world. President W. declares War against Evil.

Enter Joern J. Burmester and Florian Feigl. They interpret the new world order in a series of performance lectures. To understand they use the Hollywood movie "Rambo III" with Sylvester Stallone as backdrop. The "Ueber"-soldier - man-made by Colonel Trautman, not a creation of God - whose body is home to war became a reliable guide for the trip through the mountains of Afghanistan and many representations of Evil.

Ten years later. Everybody is ten years older. John Rambo went home - back to his fathers ranch. Years earlier George W. did the same. And Osama? A video shows an old man slightly twisted from the back watching TV - as proof of his death! The other proof that he's dead is a photo showing the US president also watching TV.
Burmester and Feigl ask: Is that how victory against Evil looks like? Everybody watching TV?? Did actually end anything at all???

Follow us in new chapters! Feigl and Burmester are back - with Rambo Revisionist, with new thoughts, new manifestos, new performances!

opening: March/2011, Samtalekøkken/Copenhagen

a gallery tour by Jochen Roller and Florian Feigl

In October 1960 Yves Klein jumped out of the window of an apartment in Paris. Klein's "Jump into the Void" documented on a photography by Harry Shunk soon becomes a key moment of art history and a myth of performance art. Klein set the jump up as a proof for the possibility to overcome the materiality of art. At the same time he never denied that the photography was the result of various and complicated processes of manipulation. Thus by its paradoxical double function as proof and fake the photography becomes the spectacular manifestation of a strategy that Klein employes to encounter the fetishised relation towards materiality as it is growing ever more in art market. The Berlin based performance artists Jochen Roller and Florian Feigl take the photography as starting point for the performance -VOID-. They take the audience on a guided tour through an exhibition of thoughts about the materiality of art. Longing to overcome that same materiality they try out various possibilities, invent stories, construct causalities and sketch out utopian scenarios. They argue to value aesthetic experience more than the material exploitation of art.

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opening: August/2010, sophiensæle/Berlin

produced by Jochen Roller and DepArtment
co-produced by sophiensaele, Berlin
funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

performance: Jochen Roller, Florian Feigl
light design: Henning Streck
set: Darryll Roller
production: DepArtment / Harriet Lesch, Katharina von Wilcke

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